About Us

German Rottweiler puppies from PrinceHaus Rottweilers have been delivered to satisfied owners around the world since 1989. Excellent bloodlines, decades of experience and a deep regard for the breed have contributed to PrinceHaus’ reputation for producing exemplary animals.

Today, you can find our German Rottweilers serving as companion animals, competing at high levels in show rings, working trials, Schutzhund, herding, carting, and even performing as therapy dogs. This versatility is the result of our obsession with what we call the “complete Rottweiler” – one with sound temperament, strength and correct body structure.

PrinceHaus is proud to operate a modest breeding program of German Rottweilers. We shunned the mass-production approach because we think a smaller operation is the best way to ensure a high standard of dog. It allows us to thoroughly socialize each one of our Rottweiler puppies so he/she will fit right into your life. And it gives us more time to spend with our customers, learning what they want in a new puppy.

“I came away with a handsome new family member that is everything I was told he would be and more, and can’t imagine my house without him. He loves my kids, protects my house, and really is mans best friend. Thanks PrinceHaus.” – Jim Pacione talking about Gunner

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