ADRK Rottweiler Eye Chart

This valuable tool, the ADRK Eye Color Chart, is used by ADRK Körmeisters and other judges worldwide to determine eye color at both shows and breed tests. It is also a valuable tool to breeders.

Dark eye color is an important aspect of the appearance of the Rottweiler. The color of the eyes should always be as dark as possible, with 1A the best. It is not so much a functionality issue, since the eyes can work whether they are light or dark in color, but color is a very important ‘ breed type’ trait. As the eye color gets lighter it softens the appearance of the gaze, diminishing the fearlessness of Rottweiler expression.

Ideally Rottweiler breeders are seeking the darkest eye possible (1A), however the acceptable ranges as determined by ADRK are as follows:

1A – 3A: Premium Breeding
1A – 4A: Breeding Approval
4B – 6: Forbidden to breed

Another factor in striving to keep the eye color dark is it’s difficulty maintaining the dark color once light eyes are introduced into the bloodline. We strive to utilize dogs within the 1A-2B range within our
breeding program.