The following testimonials were taken directly from our guestbook pages or were mailed or e-mailed directly to us by previous satisfied customers.

“Dear PrinceHaus, Michelle and I wish to express, formally, our sincere gratitude for our new additions. That’s right…addition with an “s”. We’ve specifically waited these six weeks or so to write to you. Our conversations with you along the way were not only most informative, but also proof positive that an excellent breeder follows up with his clients. We truly cannot imagine doing things any differently and really look forward to a long-lasting relationship. After we saw those two litters, “V” & “W”, we fell in love with those incredibly outstanding, beautiful puppies, our decision to purchase two boys was, admittedly, almost irrational. Waiting to take possession for a month was arduous and nerve-wracking, to say the least. However, from the day we brought the boys home, they immediately transformed, acclimating into wonderful, full-fledged members of our household. Most properly weaned, they just seemed to know, instinctively, they were home. All they do, 24/7 is to bring utter joy and laughter to everyone who meets them. The boys never cease to amaze us, either. Intelligence, Courage, Understanding, Curiosity, Unending Love and Tireless Energy are just some of the words to describe these two. The way they are growing is also quite remarkable and super fast. We don’t know if it’s the raw meat diet, or their genetics (or both) that makes it seem as though we put them to bed at night, and they just wake up visibly larger every day! Many people have remarked at how shiny their coats and how large their stature. Our entire family and circle or friends are just amazed at the superb quality of these magnificent creatures. Oh yes, our home has become their “crate”. They are truly peaceful in what they have adopted as their sanctuary. Our only problem is that we know, and accept the fact , that we will someday need a bigger carte! Of course, we’ll keep you posted. Sincere thanks.”

– Tony & Michelle Holda, Chicago, IL

“I bought one of your puppies from the “X” litter in 2009. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and has exceeded our high expectations. Thank you for being such a wonderful breeder!”

– Jerald Bull, Vallejo, CA

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Rottie puppy, Fremont. He has a wonderful temperament, is playful & curious. Your responsible breeding & rearing practices really show in my new puppy and all your Rottweilers I met.”

-Gwen Wilke, Elgin, IL

“I needed 100% confidence that I was getting the best of the breed, and 30 seconds after arriving at Princehaus, I was sold. It is an immaculately clean, state-of-the-art facility with unparalleled passion and knowledge from the owner. I came away with a handsome new family member that is everything I was told he would be and more.”

-Jim Pacione, Summit, IL

“Tekla Vom Princehaus is doing GREAT!! We are soooooo pleased with her! When people meet her they are in AWE at how beautiful she is and her whole attitude. Everything comes natural to her and I can’t express how lucky we are to have gotten one of your pups!!!!!! THANKS PrinceHaus!”

-Heather & Don Bendler-Quigley, Long Grove, IL

“I wanted to compliment you on your Rottweilers. “Maximus” is almost a year and a half old and he is a great dog and companion. He has incredible speed, strength and intelligence. A Truly regal looking Rottweiler.”

-Angelo Luparello, Long Island, NY

“Hello PrinceHaus and Pete! Wow, I can’t believe Kasey (K litter) is going to be 1 this September 6th! She is such a beautiful dog, she has a really great temperament and personality! I am so glad my husband did the research he did when we were looking for a new puppy, it sure paid off! We are very pleased with Kasey! ..hopefully I can talk him into getting another puppy from you in the next few years! Take care, I hope all is well with you!”

-Kelly Kranc, Lansing, IL

“I have purchased one of the puppies from Princhaus 3 weeks ago. She is a beautiful Rottweiler and everyone that has met her cannot believe how well behaved she is for 11 weeks. Thank you Princehaus Rottwielers for our newest family member.”

-Matt, Beecher, IL

“Hello Peter, This is Jeff’s wife Leigh-Anne. I just wanted to say what an incredible dog you have sent us. We have named her Kona and we have all fallen in love with her immediately. We have four young children who are lavishing her with lots of love. She is everything we had hoped for plus more! Thanks again! We wish you a very merry and Christ-filled Christmas!”

-Leigh-Anne Ainsworth, Brandon, MS